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14/06/2021  |   Tags: 
  • chickpeas
  • falafel
  • garbanzo
  • hummus

Chickpeas offer many nutrients essential to our health, are easy to use and good for the environment!


14/06/2021  |   Tags: 
  • peas
  • peas nutrition
  • pulses and health

Peas are simply amazing – nutritious, healthy and sustainable. Find out just what they have to offer!

Watch Our Premiere!

11/06/2021  |   Tags: 
  • Environment

Join us for our exclusive premiere of Oracle, a short film which highlights the urgent need to act now to protect our world and ourselves.

Powered by Plants – why plants are the best sports fuel

07/06/2021  |   Tags: 
  • fitness
  • plant-based diet
  • Sports
  • Sports nutrition
  • vegan athletes
  • vegan diet
  • vegans sports nutrition

Plants can do more than just keep us well-nourished and healthy – a plant-based diet can also shift your sports endeavours to the next level. It’s no coincidence that more and more athletes are going vegan – and reaping the benefits.

8 White Meat Myths Debunked

03/06/2021  |   Tags: 
  • Meat

White meat has long been wrongly touted as healthier than red meat and as a good source of lean protein for the health-conscious. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

5 rules for eating well on holiday

01/06/2021  |   Tags: 

Just because you’re vegan, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to make do with bread and salad when you travel. Be prepared and you’ll enjoy your holiday food just as much as your time off!

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Found 644 Results - Page 1 of 65